The residence is a 138 m2 apartment located in a historic building where famous artists like Tove Jansson, Hugo Simberg and Alpo Sailo had their homes and studios.

The charming apartment is located in the Katajanokka area of Helsinki, a short walk from the main market square and easily accessed by public transportation.

This residence offers 3 bedrooms for rent, a common space with open concept kitchen, dining room and living room and 2 bathrooms. There is no studio space so to speak and we primarily offer accomodation only.

  • Bedroom TOVE is 21 m2, has a double bed, a couch, large cabinets, desk and chair
  • Bedroom HUGO is 14 m2 with a single bed, cabinet, desk and chair
  • Bedroom GRETA is 15 m2 with a single bed, cabinet, desk and chair

All the residents share the common spaces. The kitchen is fully equipped with fridge, cooktop, oven dishwasher, dishes, cutlery, utensils, pots and pans.

Laundry washing machine is located in the kitchen for the washing of bed sheets and personal clothes.

The apartment has WIFI. Each resident should have their own mobile phone as there is no telephone (landline) in the residency.

The residency is on the second floor in a building without an elevator, so access is not unhindered.

Fees, deposits and costs

  • Bedroom TOVE – monthly rent is € 875.00
  • Bedroom HUGO – monthly rent is € 695.00
  • Bedroom GRETA – monthly rent is € 695.00

A deposit of € 190.00 will be payable at the time of accepting the residency and signing the Residency Agreement. The deposit will be returned after final inspection of your room.

The first month’s rent is to be paid in full 30 days before the start of your residency time. The entire amount of your residency period can also be prepaid. Rent for subsequent months is due on the 1st of each month.

Upon request, the Foundation will give you an Invitation Letter so that you can apply for grants in your home country, however, not receiving a grant is insufficient reason to cancel your residency.

In the event of cancellation, the deposit will be fully refunded if notice is received 3 months before your scheduled arrival. No refund will be given if notice is received less than 3 months before your arrival. We understand that unexpected events may happen, however, we hope that you understand the difficulty in organizing another artist to take your scheduled time. You cannot sublet or split your residency with another artist.

One overnight guest is allowed for short stays in the TOVE room only and must be arranged with the Residence Manager well in advance. For the guest there will be an additional charge of € 50.00 per night. The conditions and rules of the residency apply to all guests (whether overnight or not) and the resident is responsible for ensuring their guests are aware of them.

Approved applicants will be responsible for their own travel and living expenses during their residency period. The Residence Manager must be notified about your flight schedule and arrival. Please try to organize your arrival time on a weekday and no later than 20:00 hrs as the Residence Manager will meet you at the Residence for the check-in.

Insurance, which covers any damage to the premises, equipment, furniture and fixtures in the Residence, is mandatory. Proof of insurance must be given to the Resident Manager during check-in. Alternatively, we can provide insurance coverage for you at an additional cost. The insurance will be used for paying any costs arising from claims for compensation for damage caused by the resident.