Greta Skogster-Lehtinen exhibition at Gallery Elverket

6.2.–2.5.2021 Gallery Elverket in Tammisaari

The exhibition organized by the Pro Artibus Foundation is the first solo show exhibiting Greta Skogster-Lehtinen’s works in Finland. Skogster-Lehtinen succeeded in integrating abstract motifs with traditional weaving technique executed in durable materials. The exhibition showcases tapestries, ryijy rugs, carpets as well as sketches. The gallery has free entrance and is open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 to 17 pm. Read more here.

Programme during the exhibition

March 5th at 17–18 Web discussion: Weaving Theory – Feminine Craft to Mode of Design

Exhibition collaborator: Design Museum
Exhibition design: Sonja Skogster / Kuut
Pro Artibus’ special thanks to: Leena Svinhufvud / Design Museum and Nina Skogster / Greta and William Lehtinen Foundation